We share the deep grief, pain and outrage that our country and Black communities are experiencing from the deadly manifestations of centuries of structural racism. The recent murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and countless other victims demonstrate yet again how great is our nation’s failure, and how urgent the need for change.

In serving our community, we bear witness to the devastation of racial injustice. Students of color are illegally excluded from schools and children who live in communities subject to race-based deprivation experience life-long opportunity gaps. Job seekers face discrimination by employers who rely on systems that close doors to Black applicants. Health inequities result in poor health and higher mortality for Black people. Tenants experience periods of homelessness because of racist housing policies and discriminatory credit practices. Victims of domestic and sexual violence face barriers to safety caused by racism.

As a legal aid organization, we understand and accept our responsibility to fight racial injustice and systemic oppression of Black people—both in our community and nationwide. We will continue to use our resources as attorneys and advocates to stand in solidarity with our Black community. We will listen to the Black community, and respond to their needs. We mourn together. We stand committed to our relentless mission for justice

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