GHLA Foundation

About GHLA Foundation

The Greater Hartford Legal Aid Foundation’s mission is to ensure equal access to justice by raising funds to preserve and expand civil legal services for low-income people in Greater Hartford by supporting Greater Hartford Legal Aid. The Greater Hartford Legal Aid Foundation board includes members from the leading law firms and corporations in the Hartford area, who serve as ambassadors for our mission of justice.

The Greater Hartford Legal Aid Foundation’s financial support to GHLA allows GHLA to provide quality free legal services to the people with the most pressing legal problems related to meeting their basic human needs for shelter, safety, health, education and economic security.

Message from the Greater Hartford Legal Aid Foundation Board President, Ricardo Anzaldúa:

Launching its second century of service to clients living in poverty, GHLA continues to assist thousands of people in need every year.

Your generosity helps Greater Hartford Legal Aid lawyers provide comprehensive advocacy that helps people living in poverty meet their basic human needs for safety, shelter, food, health care, basic subsistence and education and employment opportunity. Your support strengthens our community and transforms lives.

To maximize its reach and impact, GHLA also works with pro bono attorneys, social service providers and other groups within the low-income community to break down barriers and improve the structures and systems that underlie our clients’ problems. In the last few years these systemic efforts have helped tens of thousands of people escape domestic violence, live in stable, habitable housing and keep sufficient food on their tables.

Your support of Greater Hartford Legal Aid Foundation will allow GHLA’s lawyers to make a difference in the daily lives of poor people. GHLA addresses civil legal problems that can only be fixed by a lawyer skilled in the areas of the law that most affect the poor.

Join us – help those who depend on Legal Aid for access to justice.

Any amount you can give will truly make a difference.

To contact GHLA Foundation:

Greater Hartford Legal Aid Foundation, Inc.
999 Asylum Avenue, 3rd Floor
Hartford, CT 06105-2465